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RSD Julien - Transformation Mastery + Bonuses + 6 Month Course + Transformation Mastery Live

RSD Julien - Transformation Mastery + Bonuses + 6 Month Course + Transformation Mastery Live

RSD Julien - Transformation Mastery + Bonuses + 6 Month Course + Transformation Mastery Live
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My Experience Being...
"The Most Hated Man In The World."

It still feels ridiculously surreal to write this, but the media scandal I went through back in 2014 was a FUCKING NIGHTMARE - A whirlwind of paranoia, death threats, protests, government bans, and all out HATRED.

RSD Julien - Transformation Mastery + Bonuses + 6 Month Course + Transformation Mastery Live

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The roller coaster of emotions I went through and the dark thoughts I had were INTENSE.

I would think to myself.

"How did I get here?"

I "knew" I was a good person. or at least I "thought" I was a good person...

So I went into deep introspection.

I questioned EVERYTHING. my teachings, my career, my existence.

I thought about what impact I wanted to have on the world.

I sought out advisors, read books, meditated, explored ideas, and I slowly uncovered some deep-rooted issues.

I Realized I Had Been Thriving off a

Here's the deal.

When I started on my self development journey, I thought getting girls would make me happy.

So that is what I did - I went ALL OUT.

I got so good at picking up girls and teaching my clients to do the same - I became considered one of the BEST IN THE WORLD

And my ego soared to astronomical heights.

I travelled the world sleeping with the hottest girls, absorbed constant validation from packed seminar rooms, made piles of cash, and did and said whatever the hell I wanted.

But over time, a strange thing happened...

As I got more girls, hotter girls, more cash, more validation.

I realized something.


All of these external things didn't make me FEEL the way I thought they would make me feel.

I thought I would be happy and at ease 24/7 after I "made it", but an inner voice kept telling me.

"You're Still a Little Piece of Shit."

I would argue with this voice, I would point to the tangibles.

The bank account... the girls with millions of Instagram followers... the room of hundreds of guys cheering my name.

"Don't you see inner voice? They love me!"

I have it all now - the money, the girls, celebrity status. So...


So I pushed HARDER...

Maybe hotter girls will make me happy?

Slept with your "perfect 10". still not happy.

Maybe more girls?

Got more "10s". still not happy.

Maybe if I shock my fans EVEN MORE?

. and that brings us back to that media scandal, to the bursting of the bubble that was MY LIFE.

"In the blink of an eye...
- I lost it all."

The validation turned to hate, "friends" disowned me, my bank account was wiped out and I got grossly fatter than I was from stress-eating.

But it was at that moment - of losing everything - that i found everything - As cliche as that sounds...

And it was during that scandal, that I then started the first steps on what would become an INSANE amount of DEEP INNER WORK.

I was on a journey to discover how I could possibly bounce back from this "knockout blow", and why my success prior to the scandal never made me feel fulfilled.

I unearthed every hard-written childhood trauma, bullshit egoic belief, and strip-mined my subconscious, leaving nothing but the TRUTH.

I meditated and went deep into my subconscious and got back to the core of who I was.

I had fallen so far... and I needed to figure out WHY.

And I slowly put the pieces together and made a discovery

The same reason for my success was the same reason it didn't make me happy, and the same reason I so easily lost it all.

I Was Chasing My Goals From a Place of Scarcity

I was stuck on a path of ego-gratification and massive reaction, and it took me losing everything to realize it.

I was stuck in a paradigm of scarcity, and I was using the money, the girls, and the fame as a means of RUNNING AWAY.

The truth is, the entire time - I never left like I was enough.

I would start with:

"You suck, you are worthless, you are a little piece of shit."

And I would go out into the world and try to use the money, the girls, and the success to TRICK MYSELF into believing that I didn't suck.

Every action I took was actually taking me FURTHER AWAY FROM HAPPINESS, and as soon as I realized it - I HAD TO STOP.

And with that realization - I went to work.

I decided to find a way to DROP THE SCARCITY PARADIGM, and come at life from a new angle - an angle of ABUNDANCE.

With every new discovery, through my new-found
methods, releases, meditations, and trainings
I Started to Transform. FAST:

My friends started to say things like:

"There's something different about you"

New opportunities started to fly open, authors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders started reaching out to me for my insights...

The more I explored, the more I kept getting pulled towards these concepts.

I couldn't deny it any longer, I dove in HEAD-FIRST, and every new discovery I made sparked a MAMMOTH POSITIVE CHANGE, and here's where I ended up:
I stopped holding myself back. I stopped shooting myself in the foot at every opportunity - instead of reverting back to my scarcity paradigm, I found myself not climbing, but FLOATING towards the paradigm of abundance and success.
I took that voice inside my head and I CRUSHED IT INTO DUST. I SHUT IT DOWN, and for the first time ever, I found myself TRULY THRIVING.
I found myself standing at the steering wheel of my own life. It wasn't scary, it wasn't overwhelming. it just felt right. Suddenly, my destiny was right there in front of me - and every single step I took brought me closer and closer.
I washed away the external pressure pushed upon me, I was no longer a slave to the non-stop assault of social conditioning, I broke loose of the chains that made me miserable, and for the first time in my life, I finally felt free.
I developed a "third eye" and started to see people for who they truly are. it is RARE to find someone with this power, when you cultivate it people immediately resonate with you and open up.
With time, I was able to synergize the new transformational ideas I had learned with my own unique strategies to create a POWERFUL, PRACTICAL, and LIFE-CHANGING program.


Transformation Mastery

By Julien Blanc


Over 33 videos of HIGH QUALITY CONTENT

...going DEEP into self-actualization, the subconscious mind,
and true transformation within.

Not to mention,


After this, there is NO GOING BACK

It's time for you to become the person you were meant to be,
and live a life of your own design.

Transformation Mastery is A CUTTING-EDGE CURRICULUM Designed to Make You
Happy, Fit, Healthy, and Get You More Love, Sex and Success than Ever Before.

Transformation Mastery is the FIRST EVER step-by-step guide to pulling yourself out
of the black hole of self-doubt, and reaching a PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION WITHIN.

Transformation Mastery is a LETHALLY EFFECTIVE DOSE
of personal change STRAIGHT TO YOUR HEART!

...anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, right from your computer.

The Core Concepts Inside TRANSFORMATION


With each section, we are going to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of the subconscious, uncovering hidden truths and new meanings that have long been suppressed.

We are going to be waking you up from the nonsense, internalizing a NEW PARADIGM,
and exploring deep into your subconscious in order to make this a
PERMANENT CHANGE that will last with you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

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RSD Julien - Transformation Mastery + Bonuses + 6 Month Course + Transformation Mastery Live

RSD Julien - Transformation Mastery + Bonuses + 6 Month Course + Transformation Mastery Live

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RSD Julien - Transformation Mastery + Bonuses + 6 Month Course + Transformation Mastery Live

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