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RSD Julien - PIMP BONUSES - Live Event

RSD Julien - PIMP BONUSES - Live Event
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You Can’t Get Any Other Way
This will be a “PIMP customer only invite” 3 months after the product went Live, where I will discuss the new technology of Game I’ll be working on…
You see, for years I’ve wanted to “brain-dump” all my Game knowledge in one place that would help hopefully thousands upon thousands of guys get good with women, and the result of that dream has finally come true…

RSD Julien - PIMP BONUSES - Live Event

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Premium Backstage Acess with Julien
But now it’s time to step it up yet again, and taking on the “Student Mindset” once more. And in the next few months, I’ll be meeting up with Tyler and the RSD crew and we’ll be sharing and trying out new things to make our own Game and teaching much more effective and lethal, for you to get faster and better results
(Quite the challenge)
And I’ll put Together an Exclusive Live Event for You, to Learn the Results of it All.
All This, in Addition to Discussing and Refining Your Understanding of the Concepts Explained and Illustrated in PIMP
And you get to attend this event if you pick up the Platinum or Diamond package, INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE.
This event will be in L.A.
But don’t worry, for those of you who can’t assist Live,
we will be recording the event, upload it, and send it to you,
without you having to move a single finger
This is brand new content you will definitely not want to miss

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RSD Julien - PIMP BONUSES - Live Event

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